PDC Web App

The PDC Web app is an online application that takes your fitbit steps and uses them to hatch and level Pokemon!
PDC stands for Pokemon Day Care.

When I started my first IT job as a graduate consultant for a firm, I was hastily introduced to the wonderful word of ASP.NET and C# coding. My coworker showed me a web app that was created as a tool to help with a migration process. It was quite impressive! It was ASP.NET C# Web Application that connected to an SQL database, and then HTML, jQuery, and CSS on the front end (courtesy of bootstrap). After a few days of getting used to the system, and then helping implement some functionality into it, I had a brainwave: I could use this. I had an app on my phone that I wanted to translate into another media. And so I planned a web app based on pokemon and fitbit, hosted it in Azure, and tada! I made a web app! (It wasn’t that simple, but you get the idea).

In the PDC Web App, you help Professor Elm study the sudden influx of Pokemon eggs appearing all over Johto! He equips you with a modified Pokedex that converts your kinetic energy into experience points for Pokemon, and you’re on your way!

Every day you can sync your fitbit steps with the app, collect a random egg from the Nursery, and hatch and level up. It’s a completely new way to complete your Pokedex!

The web app was hosted on Azure. It was created with ASP.NET and C# with a MVC design model approach. The database was implemented with SQL and the front end implement HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.

Disciplines of the Software Development Life cycle were also followed, as after the release the app was continually patched and upgraded. This was done through a separate DEV environment, and a changelog and dev blog was maintained throughout this time. PDC reached of 50 daily active users! For minimal ads, that’s quite an accomplishment!

Despite the fun had and knowledge gained, the costs of maintaining the site and databases became too expensive, and the project was shut down.

Available at: This project is currently unavailable.

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