PDC Fitbit Apps

The PDC Fitbit apps are pair of apps for the Fitbit Versa that lets you hatch, level and “battle” Pokemon with your steps.
PDC stands for Pokemon Day Care.

For the Pokemon Day Care series, I used my interest in fitness, as well as game design, to create a series of apps that let you play games with your daily steps. All these different apps did essentially the same thing, but I was moreso interested in development my coding skills. Borrowing the design/mechanics helped me in that area. During my time as a Fitbit owner, I became intrigued with the FitbitOS and set out to develop something small for it. What I got was a very compact version of my web application, which I called PDC Hatch. This had basic hatch and level functionality, but I was really interested in getting a competitive edge to game included. Unfortunately, anything extra proved too large for the FitbitOS to handle, so I shoehorned a timed step-race into a second app, called PDC Battle.

PDC Hatch

PDC Hatch lets you hatch and evolve all the original 151 Pokemon on your wrist!
Once you’ve reached your Daily Step Goal, you’ll collect a new egg! Keep walking with the eggs you collect and soon they’ll hatch! Your steps are the key here, as they’ll keep levelling with the more steps you take.
Mega Pokemon
Training your Pokemon without battles is tough! But, if you’re a stepping-go-getter and manage to get certain Pokemon to their absolute limit, you might get to see some Mega Pokemon!
Legendary Pokemon
Smashing your step goal might not seem to do anything once you’ve collected your egg, but if you really pound the pavement a few special eggs might sneak their way into your egg pool!

PDC Battle

PDC Battle lets you battle against distinguished Pokemon trainers to see who can get the most steps!
These battles are a little different in this app: compete with your Pokemon to get the most steps in 30 minutes! Earn more than your opponent to win!
Gym Leaders
The Kanto Gym Leaders give out their badges to victors. Like in the normal games, their difficulty increases as you progress. You might be able to beat the first gym with a brisk walk, but you’ll definitely need to challenge yourself to reach the Elite Four!
Elite Four and Chamption
The elite four and champion won’t be challenge-able until you’ve beaten the Kanto Gym Leaders. They are very tough challengers, so you’ll need to really run like you mean it!
Badges and Stats
Keep track of your badges, wins, losses, and highest step battles all in the app!

Available at: These applications are not available for download or use. However, the source code is available on github.
PDCHatch: https://github.com/impojr/PDC-Hatch
PDCBattle: https://github.com/impojr/PDC-Battle

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