PDC iPhone App

The PDC iPhone app uses your HealthKit data to hatch and level Pokemon.
PDC stands for Pokemon Day Care.

In my final year of university, I learnt about iOS development. I can’t even remember the course name it was so long ago, but we were tasked with creating a shopping app within the model view controller design. Initially, I found it a bit daunting. I had never actually coded on a mac before, and while the xCode storyboard was intuitive, swift was something else. In terms of programming languages I’ve encountered, I’d daresay it is the most unique. Regardless, I managed to come out the other side with a passable iPhone app, so long as you didn’t fiddle with it too much.

Working in the mobile app space did get my brain thinking though: I saw a cool idea online about being able to use a pedometer to hatch Pokemon (in the Pokemon series eggs hatched based on your characters steps). Since iPhone’s have built-in pedometers, and I have just made an iPhone app, it made sense. And so, Pokemon Day Care was born!

Hatch and level your favourite Pokemon
The main feature of this app is hatching and levelling Pokemon! The first 251 Pokemon are all available and waiting for you! Once hatched, you can level and evolve your Pokemon! If they need a special item to evolve, check out the Pokemart!

There’s even some special Pokemon to be unlocked with your progress!

Collect the teams of famous gym leaders to get their badges
Collect the teams of famous gym leaders! In reward, you’ll get their gym badge! This little artefacts may not look like much, but each one you collect increases your step multiplier, making it easier to level your Pokemon!

Challenge trainers from across the Johto region for the greatest step count! Everyday the leader board is updated with the previous days step count of the gym leaders. You’re really gonna have to push yourself to keep up with them!

Available at: This project is currently unavailable.

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